Kate Middleton Spotted On Jelly Bean (PHOTOS, POLL)

Royal Wedding hysteria has officially reached fever pitch with a couple from Somerset, England claiming to have come across a jelly bean with Kate Middleton's likeness on it.

The Telegraph spoke with Wesley Hosie, 25, and Jessica White, 24, who found the special snack inside a 1.5-pound jar of candies from The Jelly Bean Factory. But, as with all food items featuring holy apparitions (see: Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese), the mango-flavored treat will be up for sale on eBay starting at $800.

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Richard Cullen, Joint Managing Director for The Jelly Bean Factory in Dublin, told the British paper, "This sounds truly incredible, I would have to see the bean myself to believe it."

Well, Dick, it's your lucky day. Here's an image of royal bride Catherine and The Incredible Jelly Bean below.

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