Kate Middleton Lookalike Heidi Agan Causes Stir In Times Square (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Duchess of Double Takes.

Kate Middleton has only come stateside once, to our knowledge, since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge: a brief stint she and Will made in California.

But Heidi Agan, a spot-on Kate Middleton lookalike, took New York City by storm on Friday morning in a perfect blue Issa dress, setting off a frenzy in Times Square as she alighted a car looking ravishingly royal.

Agan, 32, a professional Kate impersonator who hails from Britain, duchess-ed up the Big Apple during an appearance on "Good Morning America," where she strolled the streets of New York on camera as pedestrian jaws dropped all around her. It didn't hurt that she was dolled up in perfect tune with the royal engagement pics, wearing the same blue Issa dress and the same wavy locks Catherine sported.

Agan, a single mother, quit her job as a cocktail waitress once she realized her Catherine-esque looks could make her big bucks. She currently pulls in at least $1,000 per appearance! Get it, girl.

Check out the pics below of Agan hitting the streets of New York, eating a hot dog and posing for pics with frantic tourists. (Bonus: one of them, who's no doubt read this story screams at her: "Honey, keep your clothes on!".)

Do you think Heidi makes a convincing Kate?


kate middleton lookalike

kate middleton lookalike

kate middleton lookalike

See some great photos of the REAL Kate below!

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