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Kate Middleton Is Getting A Makeover (Not That She Needs One)

It looks like royals can't even escape a little judgment from their in-laws.

As long time Kate Middleton advocates, we have adopted a "Kate-can-do-no-wrong" mentality, specifically when it comes to her stylish wardrobe. The Queen, on the other hand, seems to feel differently. The Mail reported Sunday that Kate Middleton is set to undergo a "subtle but significant regal makeover" for an upcoming trip to Australia this spring. The makeover will be a big change from those $72 dresses we love so much.

The wardrobe overhaul comes with direct support from Queen Elizabeth II, who has commissioned her own personal dresser, Angela Kelly, to work with Kate's stylists on a brand new look. Designs by Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley have already been in the works for gowns and dresses.

Additionally, Kate will be encouraged to wear the Queen's favorite tiaras (no biggie), along with some of her other most beloved jewels to aide in her regal image.

Her majesty is not the only person close to Kate to critique her clothing. In fact, just last year, her friend encouraged her to start dressing a bit more "quirky."

Sounds like there are some conflicting views on her royal closet. But one thing is certain, Kate will look flawless no matter what she wears.

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