Kate Middleton Rises Above Rumors Of A Meghan Markle Feud

Rumors are swirling since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they are moving out of Kensington Palace.

Since Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry, she’s been compared to ― and pitted against ― her now sister-in-law, the former Kate Middleton. Now that the duchesses are officially family, the comparisons and tabloid drama have only increased. 

New reports suggest the two aren’t particularly close after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were moving out of Kensington Palace, where they currently live next to Prince William, Duchess Kate and their three children. 

“The story behind Harry and Meghan’s move to Frogmore Cottage? Harry and Meghan spreading their wings,” Richard Palmer, royal expert for the Daily Express, said on Twitter Monday. “No big fallout but Kate and Meghan not close. No royal properties available in London apparently.” 

He added, “The crazies on Twitter won’t like it but it is clear that Meghan is regarded as difficult and demanding by some in the family and on the staff.” 

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, left, take their seats in the Royal Box on Centre Court at the Wimb
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, left, take their seats in the Royal Box on Centre Court at the Wimbledon on July 14.  

Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English echoed Palmer’s comments by reporting,  “There is no doubt that the new Duchess of Sussex hasn’t forged a particularly close relationship with her brother-in-law’s wife.” 

She added, “She and Kate are simply very different people, although sources insist there has been no dramatic falling out.” 

Kensington Palace would not comment on the rumored royal feud. 

But on Tuesday, things seemed to be mostly breezy from the outside as the Duchess of Cambridge greeted fans during a walkabout in Leicester.

When a fan asked the duchess if she was excited about Meghan’s baby news, she responded with grace.

“Yeah, absolutely, [I’m excited for Meghan and her new baby],” she said. “It’s such a special time to have all the kiddies and a cousin for George and Charlotte as well as Louis, so it’ll be really special.” 

As for now, it seems like most of the drama belongs to Meghan’s side of the family, particularly from her father, Thomas Markle, and half-sister, Samantha Grant, as the two always have something to say about their famous family member. 

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