Kate Middleton Nude Photos: French Police Prepare To Arrest Photographer, Reports Say

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If you thought the Kate Middleton nude photo scandal would come to a quiet end, prepare yourself for more developments. Both the Daily Mail and the UK Mirror are reporting that the photographer responsible for the intrusive snaps is set to be arrested by French officials.

Both publications quote an unnamed source as having said: "The photographer is expected to be held for questioning imminently."

To give you a refresher on the case, French magazine Closer was the first to publish topless photos of the duchess while the royal couple was vacationing in September at the Chateau d'Autet in Provence. The photos were then picked up by Italian Chi magazine and the Irish Daily Star before bottomless photos were released. Buckingham Palace stated that this was a "grotesque" invasion of privacy, and sources reported that Prince William wanted the person responsible to be jailed.

Soon after, the French court opened a criminal investigation, and Closer was blocked from further publication of the photos (the country has relatively strict privacy laws). According to French law, however, photographers are protected just as journalistic sources are, so Closer isn't required to release the name of the freelance photographer they hired to follow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

If the paparazzo who took the photos has truly been found, he or she may face up to one year imprisonment and a fine of over $57,000, according to the Daily Mail and Mirror. Although these developments seem speculative at the moment, Marie-Christine Daubigney, the French public prosecutor on the case, confirmed to the Mirror that the suspect has been named. "This new information regarding the photographer will be passed on to investigating magistrates," she told the Mirror.

As of now, no name has been released to the public. We'll be on the alert for more details, since it looks like the case may have finally gotten some steam. Stay tuned!

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