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Kate Middleton's Olympic Expressions Are Pretty Priceless (PHOTOS)

Before the 2012 London Olympics, who knew Kate Middleton was such a sports fan? And since the games are conveniently taking place just a stone's throw away from Buckingham Palace, the duchess has been able to make it to quite a few competitions to cheer on Team GB and show off her many unique sports-watching expressions.

While watching the handball competitions on Sunday, Kate got pretty into the game, clapping, leaning back in shock and clenching her fists in excitement. She even did the wave -- again. It looks like Kate is getting out all of her un-duchess-y faces before the Olympics are over and she has to go back to attending less rowdy functions.

Whatever the reason is, we can't get over how expressive the Duchess of Cambridge has been during the games. Her ability to let go and throw herself into the sport she's watching is adorable. Even her badge photo is kind of hilarious (in a completely gorgeous way, of course). And we bet Prince William is pretty happy to have such a passionate sports-watching companion.

See the many faces of Kate Middleton yesterday at the Olympics!

The Many Faces Of Kate Middleton - Olympics Day 9

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