Duchess of Cambridge 'Overstayed' Her Visit To 'Downton Abbey' Set


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visited the set of “Downton Abbey” last March to the delight of the cast and crew. At least, most of them.

“We all lost our minds,” said actress Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) while speaking to E! News at a BAFTA-LA pre-Emmys Tea Party. “We started talking to her about the catering ― I’m sure things she found really boring but we all sort of lost it because we were panicked and star-struck. It was one of those weird ones.” 

Other members of the cast came off as a little less impressed, according to the article. (Looking at you, Mr. Carson!) 

"She's a big fan of the show," said Jim Carter, aka Mr. Carson, to E! News. "I don't think she'd been on a film set before, or a TV set, so she was intrigued by how different it looked on the screen and in reality. She overstayed. She stayed long. She was having such a good time." 

Err, we're sure you meant well, Carter. Good luck on your next visit with Duchess Kate! 

H/T E! News 

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