Kate Middleton Painting Proves 'Royal Baby Watch' Is Driving People Crazy (PHOTOS)

PICS: WTF Is Going On In This Kate Middleton Fan Portrait?

Remember how awkward Kate Middleton's official royal portrait is? Yeah, well one artist topped it to create the weirdest portrait of the duchess ever.

Spanish artist Kaya Mar dropped off his tribute to the expectant mother at St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing on Friday -- the official campground of the Royal Baby Watchers. His painting features an incredible likeness of Kate and her famously slender leg (at least, we think that's what it is) protruding from under her robe. She feeds her already crowned newborn as a corgi sits nearby. Um, OK. And is that a halo we spy?

Take a look at Mar's masterpiece below. Do you think we're all losing our darn minds?


kate middleton

kate middleton

Luckily there are much better pictures of Kate in existence:

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