Kate Middleton Plays Field Hockey With UK's Olympic Team (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Plays Field Hockey With The Olympic Team!

Sneaky, sneaky...

Today the Duchess of Cambridge embarked on an unannounced engagement, visiting with hockey players from "Team GB" (Great Britain's Olympic team) at Olympic Park in London.

As an official Team GB ambassador for the 2012 Olympic Games, Catherine toured the park and met with Olympic staff. Good sport that she is, she also changed out of her navy Pucci blazer and nice shoes into sneakers and a hoodie so she could hit the ball around herself, participating in a hockey training session. (She did, after all, play field hockey back in her schoolgirl days.)

Of course, she kept her coral skinnies (yes, coral pants!) on the whole time. Colored trousers! So on trend!

See the royal toss her hair, crack a smile, smack a ball and generally look like the happiest, most fresh-faced gal we've ever seen this side of a Neutrogena commercial.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton plays field hockey with Team GB

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