Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Becoming YouTubers

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like you to subscribe to their new channel.
Kate Middleton and Prince William just dropped their first video, "Welcome to our official YouTube channel!"
Kate Middleton and Prince William just dropped their first video, "Welcome to our official YouTube channel!"

Talk about a modern monarchy!

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s social media transformation is nearly complete, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced on Wednesday that they now have their very own YouTube channel.

The royals dropped a 25-second video ― aptly titled “Welcome to our official YouTube channel!” ― and encouraged viewers to hit that subscribe button. In the caption, they link to their Twitter and Instagram pages as well as three playlists with videos related to their royal causes, including mental health and Kate’s early years project.

The video starts out with a bit of Kate and William banter, with the duke pointing at the camera and jokingly telling his wife, “By the way, you be careful with what you say now because these guys, they’re filming everything!”

“I know!” Kate, wearing a black turtleneck, says with a chuckle.

The video cuts to shots of William and Kate at various royal engagements and events, before shifting to a seemingly candid moment between the couple.

“You don’t need to roll your Rs,” Kate says in a blooper outtake from the Cambridges’ most recent St. Patrick’s Day video.

“Do I not?” William says, turning to his wife as she shakes her head and replies, “No.”

The video features more shots of the royals before closing on a flashing screen.

Most of the comments under the Cambridges’ announcement video reflected on the modern world of social media and the fact that royals are communicating with people through Twitter, Instagram and now even YouTube.

“It’s a wacky world we live in when the future king and queen are YouTubers 😂,” one commenter wrote. “Lovely to see the ongoing modernisation of the Royal Family, keep it up! ❤️”

Others jokingly imagined some of content we might expect from the royals:

While a few admired Kate’s wit:

The new channel reflects the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s evolving social media presence since hiring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former social media manager, David Watkins, in April 2020.

Last year, the Cambridges’ Twitter account posted a couple of photos celebrating Prince Louis’ birthday — and the caption included more internet speak than previously used by the royals.

“Instagram versus reality,” the caption read.

The royals later made headlines for more casual-seeming videos and engagements, like when Kate and William self-filmed their own announcements in more relaxed settings.

The Cambridge children, now 7, 6 and 3, have also made more regular appearances on the accounts, much to Cambridge fans’ delight.

Other photos and videos, such as the clip released to mark William and Kate’s 10-year wedding anniversary, depict the family as being more relaxed and accessible than one might associate with royals (a feat that Harry and Meghan have also been able to achieve):

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