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Kate Middleton's Ring Replica Selling Out (PHOTOS)

Not down with long-sleeve lace? Not about to roll out a red carpet for your own ceremony?

You can still get a bit of the Royal Wedding (yes, people are still talking about it) with a replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring -- and for less than $30.

That's right, no princess mother-in-law necessary. The Telegraph reports that hundreds of women are marching down to Marks & Spencer in London and picking up the Platinum Plated Royal Ring, a silver ring with a blue gem (we're guessing it isn't real sapphire) surrounded by rhinestones. The price? Just 18 pounds, or around $28.

Since the ring debuted in March, the Telegraph says, it's been selling at a rate of 200 per week.

But aren't customers getting tired of all the Royal Wedding hoopla? Nope, says Marks & Spencer's accessories design manager -- "Despite the big day being over, customers seem to be holding on to the Royal trend as we continue to see sales grow."

We're still jazzed about the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, but we're not about to go pick up a replica of Princess Diana's ring.

What do you think -- would you buy the ring because it's royal? Do you even like the design?