Kate Middleton Visits Rainforest In Borneo, Gets Hoisted Up 130-Foot Tree (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Throws On Harness & Gets Hoisted Up 130-Foot Tree

This has certainly been a busy week for Kate Middleton, to say the least. Her glamourous royal tour through Southeast Asia has quickly turned into a media frenzy as French tabloid Closer published topless photos of the duchess. So how does a royal handle being so publicly exposed? By trudging on with official duties -- in this case, throwing on a harness and being hoisted up a 130-foot tree.

After touring Malaysia, Prince William and Kate visited a rainforest in Borneo to see the Danum Valley research center and highlight the conservation work being done there. The Duchess of Cambridge ditched her elegant duds for a more activity-appropriate outfit: khakis and hiking boots. Kate has been known for her glamping skills, so no surprise here that she was able to maintain her bouncy blowout in nature yet again.

But it's not every day that you see Kate and Will harnessed up and hiking. Soon after, the couple left and boarded a flight to Lahad Datu, their next stop. So take a look at the pictures from Borneo and appreciate all of the fantastic moments their royal tour has to offer.


Kate Middleton & Prince William Visit A Rainforest!

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