Kate Middleton's Skin Is Great, Possibly Due To Bee Venom (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: In Case You Hadn't Noticed, Kate Middleton's Skin Is Flawless

Looks like those bee venom facials are working.

Among the many juicy (read: fairly humdrum) details in Vanity Fair's new profile on Kate Middleton, contributor Katie Nicholl discusses the duchess' penchant for those pricey, questionably effective facials done with bee venom, a.k.a. Nature's Botox (or something like that). Apparently she was turned onto them by the Duchess of Cornwall, who's found them highly effective.

They seem to be effective on a younger face as well. We're typically too focused on her clothes to notice such things, but today Catherine showed up to yet another London Olympics event wearing that same old white polo and navy pants... so we gladly diverted our attention to her face, which we noticed is totally flawless.

We know that achieving that smooth, blemish-free visage isn't effortless. In addition to the aforementioned venom face masks, it's said that Kate frequently visits the Bobbi Brown counter at the Peter Jones store in London’s Sloane Square, presumably stocking up on her favorite black eyeliner.

But she also shows admirable restraint. While her sister Pippa often looks like she got in a fight with a spray-tan machine, rarely does Catherine step out with an obviously orange faux-glow. Plus she goes easy on the makeup (only by the power of Photoshop will you see her with bold red lipstick or colorful eye shadow).

In short, we've come up with one more reason to be jealous of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Enjoy the photographic proof below -- we'll be right over here, slathering on our bee venom cream...

Kate's Got Great Skin

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