Kate Middleton's Temperley Repeat Is 10 Times Better With 3D Glasses (PHOTOS)

Only Kate Middleton Could Make 3D Glasses Look This Good

Kate Middleton hasn't just found a go-to brand in Temperley, she's found a dress that will work again and again... and again.

The duchess took her favorite Temperley number, a black lace gown, out for a spin today at the screening of David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 3D, proving that even royals three-peat when it comes to getting dressed for formal occasions. Kate first stepped out in the floor-length dress back in January 2012 for the premiere of "War Horse" before wearing it again in November of that year to a dinner at the University of St. Andrews, her alma mater.

"The duchess is an inspiration," designer Alice Temperley told The Telegraph this week. "She's very graceful, gracious and she's a brilliant ambassador for British fashion. She mixes up designer and high street; the perfect modern-day woman."

That every-woman appeal couldn't be more apparent than when Kate recycles her wardrobe just like the rest of us. (Don't even get us started on how many times we've worn the same dress to weddings, bar mitzvahs and holiday parties.) Plus, any woman who isn't afraid to rock 3D glasses with evening wear is cool in our book.

Kate in the gown today:




Kate in November 2012:

kate middleton

Kate in January 2012:

kate war horse

If it ain't broke...

Erdem Dress

Kate Middleton's Fashion Repeats

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