Kate Middleton Shops At British TJ Maxx: Report

Kate Middleton has certainly been spotted in her fair share of designer dresses, but like any true fashionista, the future princess knows a good bargain when she sees one. A source told UsMagazine.com, "Believe it or not, Kate's favorite shop in the U.K. is TK-Max [the UK version of TJ Maxx]. She loves to shop for bargains, mixing and matching high street clothes and designer. She has a great eye for that."

However Kate's love of a good deal isn't just sartorial -- it's gastronomical, too. She was spotted eating $6 pizza at a supermarket on Tuesday, UsMagazine adds. A witness reported, "She was happy and going about her business. No one was bothering her. Her hair was down -- she looked very pretty. And, yes, she was wearing the ring. It's big!"

But because we're sure she won't skimp when it comes to her wedding dress, here are a dozen options as sketched by Vera Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and more.