Kate Middleton & Topshop Love Each Other (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton Loves Topshop, Topshop Loves Kate Middleton

By now we're all aware that Kate Middleton, despite being a duchess, is really just like us: She shops for jeggings, she drinks Starbucks and she takes her cute puppy for walks in the park.

She's also a big fan of Topshop -- and it seems Topshop loves her back.

E! News reports that the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted perusing a London Topshop on Wednesday and, if Twitter is to be trusted, there are eyewitness accounts to back it up. Kate was "browsing" like any average gal, although no word on if she bought any good maternity items.

We bet that Topshop stocks some good ones (or will soon). Topshop owner Sir Philip Green recently told E! that he's a huge fan of the duchess, saying, "I think she's done a fabulous job for England -- for U.K. fashion, art... I think she's fabulous."

Obviously. Plus, would you say otherwise if she's currently shopping at your store?

Unfortunately we don't have photos of Kate picking out babydoll tops and stretchy pants (but can you imagine??). We do, however, have tweets and a video of Sir Philip Green... and plenty of adorable photos of Kate and Prince William doing "real people" things.


See, they're just like us!

They Grocery Shop

Kate & Will -- They're Just Like Us

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