Kate Middleton Birthday Advice: Reasons To Love Your 30s

Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton! Here's Why You'll Love Your 30s

Kate Middleton turns 30 today, and in honor of her birthday, we thought we'd celebrate all the reasons to love being done with your 20s. While Kate's last decade involved some significant personal milestones -- receiving her MA in Art History from St. Andrews and the royal wedding, to name a few -- we think her best years are ahead of her. From a stronger sense of self to a better sex drive, a better sense of what you want to do with your life and who your real friends are, there are many reasons to love your 30s.

If you're over 30, what do you love most about this new decade? What were you happiest to leave behind in your 20s? Tweet @HuffPostWomen with hashtag #Loving30 and we'll publish your responses.

SLIDESHOW: Reasons To Love Your 30s

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Reasons To Love Your 30s

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