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How Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Was Kept A Secret (VIDEO)

It's no wonder even the biggest fashion insiders were in the dark about Kate Middleton a.k.a. Duchess Catherine's wedding dress designer. As Us Weekly's Justin Ravitz revealed to ABC News, "Next to the assassination of Bin Laden, this is the most closely guarded international secret in recent memory."

So how did Team Royal Wedding prevent the fashion Twittersphere and Julian Assange alike from figuring it out? By not even telling the dressmakers themselves.

"The lacemakers working on the dress were told that they were simply working on a dress for a period British costume drama," Ravitz said, adding that the majority of the McQueen seamstresses were also unaware of their client when sewing the dress. The only members of the design team who knew of the gown's royal destiny were Sarah Burton, creative director of McQueen, and her most trusted senior designers. Everyone signed non-disclosure agreements, the dress was entirely constructed in a secret room of Buckingham Palace, and as an extra precaution, "Senior members of the house of McQueen were told to straight-out lie and deny if asked pointblank whether Kate Middleton was their client."

So duplicitous, those royal designers.


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