Kate Middleton's Christmas Present & More Gifts From 2011 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Best Gifts Kate Middleton Got In 2011

When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a pair of sparkling drop earrings on Sunday, some got to wondering: were these new baubles her Christmas gift from Prince William?

We're not totally certain, but the earrings from Kiki McDonough are a new pair for Kate and they are certainly gift-worthy. People reports that they're made of green amethysts and diamonds hanging from a diamond-covered hoop and retail for about $3,000.

Nice job, William. Of course the prince had to up his gift game after the bountiful year Kate's had. The royal couple eschewed a wedding registry in favor of donations to chosen charities, but they still did land themselves a few interesting presents in honor of their nuptials.

Kate's gold charm bracelet is rumored to be a personal gift from her new mother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. The circular pendant features a "C" with a curl, the former-Kate Middleton's new royal cypher, and the other side of the pendant features Camilla's royal cypher, a "C" without a curl.

Similarly, Catherine' gold wedding band was a gift from Queen Elizabeth II, fashioned from a piece of Welsh gold given from the queen to her grandson right after his engagement.

Also amongst Kate and William's gifts: a painting, a Land Rover and a, er, box. Check out Catherine's haul below!

Kate's Kiki McDonough earrings

Kate's presents

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