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Kate Middleton's Got A 'Secret Stylist' In Pal Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Apparently

Notice anything different about Kate Middleton lately? (You know, other than the fact she's got a child?)

Grazia points out that the Duchess of Cambridge has slowly but surely been spicing up her style, and it can all be attributed to her pal Emilia Jardine-Paterson. Emilia, an interior designer by profession, Kate's friend from high school and one of Prince George's godparents, has an enviable fashion sense of her own and has been reportedly advising Kate on her outfit choices over the past few months.

The royal has previously eschewed a professional stylist, with sources saying she was always "perfectly happy and confident" in choosing her own official wardrobe. But Grazia reports that Emilia has stepped in and is "overseeing all of Kate's public outfits" as of late.

Kate and Emilia are already pals, so it wouldn't be too strange for one girlfriend to offer up another her fashion tips. (We do it with our friends all the time.) But is Emilia on an actual payroll? The palace is unlikely to confirm that one way or another.

Either way, we're excited at the thought of Kate's wardrobe getting a fun upgrade. After all, she's seemingly gone right back to her solid-colored blazers, skinny jeans and sparkly gowns since giving birth to Georgie, despite Grazia's source that says Emilia is trying to "push her towards color or pattern." Perhaps some patterned skinnies, fur vests, ankle booties and other surprises are in Kate's fashion future??

Eh, we won't hold our breath.

How does Emilia's style compare?

kate middleton stylist

kate middleton stylist

Do you see any noticeable change?

Kate Middleton's 2013 Outfits

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