Kate Moennig Reveals Why 'L Word' Fans Might Think Of Her New Lesbian Role On 'Ray Donovan'

Fans of "L Word" star Kate Moennig, who played Shane McCutcheon on the hit Showtime series, may be surprised to learn what the actress shared about her role on the network's new series "Ray Donovan."

The show, which premiered on Sunday, features Moennig playing the role of Lena, Donovan's on-call badass lesbian assistant.

She helps Donovan cover up deaths and aids him in making the drama of Hollywood's elite disappear.

The actress recently chatted with After Ellen about the new show. During the interview, she discussed landing the role, a scene where she's in bed with a woman, what "L Word" fans might like about "Ray Donovan" and more.

Moennig couldn't necessarily say what "L Word" fans would perhaps like about the show.

"Oh I don't know! Well they're two very different shows. That's like comparing a sleepover to going to the Los Angeles Gun Club. They're two opposite ends of the spectrum. In terms of Ray Donovan, the story is so rich, the actors are so fantastic, the writing is impeccable. And it's such beautiful storytelling with complex characters," she stated.

"I think it's — I really believe it's the quality of television that seems to be making its mark these days. I'm hoping fans of The L Word see that in Ray Donovan and just enjoy the storytelling and the ballsy way its executed."

Read the full interview here.

Watch Moennig's "Ray Donovan" character profile below.