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Kate Moss Auditions For L'Oreal (VIDEO)

There's no shortage of fantastic vintage videos just waiting to be dug up on Youtube (Exhibit A: royal babies). But while some videos lay dormant for months, some magically pop up on the righthand side of our screen and totally make our day.

Today, the vintage video making us smile are these old school audition tapes from around 1996, in which a very young, very bare-faced Kate Moss tosses her hair for L'Oreal.

The woman holding the camera tells her to state her name and asks if she currently has any hair ad campaigns in the US -- no, not yet.

But by the way Kate deftly flips her hair, bats her lashes and makes eyes at the camera, you can tell she's going to land one very, very soon.

WATCH the two audition tapes... and the 1996 commercial they likely landed her:

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