Kate Moss Turns 40 Today And She Looks Better Than Ever (PHOTOS)

By now, you've probably already heard that it's Kate Moss' 40th birthday.

In honor of her big day, we dug into the archives of the many magazines she has covered over the years. In our research, we realized something: Kate is looking pretty great these days.

Sure, 20-year-old Kate is pretty. But 40-year-old Kate? Totally gorgeous. Seriously, did you see how amazing she looked in this month's Playboy?

It seems like her most recent work has been her best, proving (at the risk of sounding cheesy) that like a fine wine... she has only gotten better with age. Some of her best work, in fact, has been over the past five years alone. We all knew Kate was a gorgeous teen, but we think the covers she's shot in her thirties have been some of her best yet.

Happy birthday, Kate! May we all age as well as you have.

December 2011

kate moss vogue

March 2013

kate moss w

June 2012

vogue uk

June 2010

new york

March 2013

kate rihanna

January/February 2014


September 2013


Spring 2013


September 2011


More Kate covers!

Kate Moss' Magazine Covers

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