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Kate Moss Talks Self-Esteem & Sizes Up Her Modeling Competition

Let's just say that there are a few supermodels with burning ears...

There's a reason that the New York Times refers to Kate Moss as the "Garbo of fashion." In her 20-year-long career, the supermodel has seldom given a candid interview or a frank answer to a personal question (per Johnny Depp's advice). But it looks like the forthcoming release of Kate's new book has made the star feel extra chatty these days.

During her latest interview, Kate talks to the New York Times, dishing on her own looks and self-esteem. As is so often the case with models, Kate didn't see herself as a top beauty from the get-go -- she wasn't even a fan of her now-iconic face.

"I never liked it. I wasn’t the prettiest girl in class. No breasts, short legs, gangly teeth. I didn’t think I was model material, that’s for sure.... I think they’re all right, my looks, now. But I’ve never seen myself as sexy or a side of myself that boys would like.”

We're going to have to agree to disagree with Kate on this one. If her modeling career has taught us anything, it's that the 38-year-old is not only one of the most-wanted faces in fashion, but also one of the top bodies in the industry. Naked photo shoots are just another day at the office for Ms. Moss. “I’ve done a lot of nude pictures and it doesn’t bother me at all anymore,” she said.

But even if Kate's made peace with her own looks, that doesn't mean she doesn't size up the competition. While the mother prefers a more boho street style look herself, she still has her opinions on Christy Turlington's style. “The last time I saw Christy, she was wearing a twin-set,” she said. “You can think twin-set, but you can’t wear one.”

Kate was full of praise for fellow models Raquel Zimmermann and Lara Stone, but Lara received more mixed reviews from the Moss clan. “I think she’s very hot, with her boobs and her teeth,” she said. “Though my husband says she’s not his cup of tea.” Well, so much for being one of the most tight-lipped models in the industry...

"Kate: The Kate Moss Book" doesn't come out until Nov. 6, but we're already excited to read the tell-all autobiography and see all of the stunning covers in real life. If the Vogue cover girl penned even half of what she's revealed during the book's press tour (ahem, heroin, anorexia and Johnny Depp), she's bound to have included some shockers in there.

Click over to the New York Times for their full interview with Kate Moss.

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