Kate Moss Kisses Man For $7,500

Kate Moss Kisses Highest Bidder For $7,500

Supermodel Kate Moss recently puckered up for charity, kissing Hosh Ibrahim, winner of a Great Ormond Street charity auction last year for $7,500. Moss told the Times UK that she and Ibrahim hadn't been able to meet up for the past year in order for him to collect his prize, but they finally got together last night.

Pre-smooch, Moss confessed, "I put loads of red lipstick on and I never wear red lipstick so he's going to be stained."

Moss's boyfriend Jamie Hince was in the house and offered some words of advice: "Jamie said it has to have tongues for that kind of money but no, no tongues."

After the awkward snog, Ibrahim said Moss "tastes as good as she looks," but added, "I think for what I got, [$7,500] was hardly anything."

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