Kate Moss Mango Ads Are Surprisingly Tasteful (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Kate Moss' New Mango Campaign Surprises Us

Lest she ever rest, Kate Moss has had a busy February. She went evil (and then angelic) for W's March 2012 issue, she flitted around London Fashion Week in Stella McCartney and now her full campaign for Mango, her first for the brand, have dropped.

We got a sneak peek at the ads last month with behind-the-scenes pics of Terry Richardson shooting Kate (and an adorable heist film sequence in which Kate and Terry rob a Paris store).

Now the full campaign is out and we're happy to admit how surprised we are: the ads are pretty, springy and totally tasteful.

Terry Richardson is known for capturing models and celebs at their most playful... and most racy. That sexy "Glee" photoshoot for GQ? Terry. Getting the entire cast of "Gossip Girl" in bed (nearly) naked? Terry. Kate Moss taking her top off? Terry, of course (and plenty of other photographers -- but you get the idea).

But the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign for Mango features Kate with both her top and pants on with the faint hint of a smile (sort of) on her face. She's got youthful blunt bangs, light makeup and a fresh-faced look that highlights the easy wearability of the clothes.

Check out the ads below -- are you psyched to go shopping at Mango this spring?

Kate Moss Mango Ads S/S '12

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