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Did Kate Moss Get The Photoshop Treatment For Rimmel Ad? (PHOTO, POLL)

Something's different about Kate. *puts on tin foil hat*

Kate Moss' quick ascension to icon status was in no small part due to her distinct beauty. So we're having a hard time wrapping our heads around why a makeup brand wouldn't play up her gorgeous face after doling out the big bucks to land the supermodel.

The 38-year-old graces the latest ad campaign for Rimmel looking a little... well, flat. Kate's shilling matte foundation in the ad, so it's understandable that she would look somewhat lackluster. But, aside from her signature wide-set eyes and a small semblance of her cheekbones, we can't seem to find the lively Kate we know and love (even without a stitch of makeup).

Kate's going on her 11th year as spokesperson for Rimmel, so she's become pretty synonymous with the brand at this point. Plus, it's not uncommon for cosmetic companies to use Photoshop to enhance the effects of their products (Taylor Swift's CoverGirl ad was even banned for that reason). So perhaps Rimmel went a little Photoshop-crazy with Kate this time?

Check out Kate Moss' Rimmel ad and tell us what you think. Is this a Photoshop fail?


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