Kate Moss Playboy Preview: Will The Cover Look Like This? (PHOTO)

No need to wait until January 2014 for that highly rumored Kate Moss Playboy cover: The model stars in new Versace ads that offer up the same money shot. Well, almost.

Kate poses nude for the brand, artfully blocking her private parts with large leather handbags. The ad touts Versace's alleged punk aesthetic -- they've dubbed it "vunk" -- and Saskia de Brauw, Travis Smith, Dominik Bauer and Matt Trethe round out the rest of the campaign cast. According to Donatella, who's quoted in Women's Wear Daily:

The campaign is "stripped back to the raw power of the clothes and models. There’s no set, no distraction, just the provocation, glamour and attitude of our fashion."

Nothingness? How very punk. Check out the teasing image below. How do you think Kate's alleged Playboy cover will compare?

kate moss playboy cover
What Kate's cover might look like:

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