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Kate Moss Scales Back At Topshop, But Is It Because Of Boss's Daughter, Chloe Green?

Topshop has decided to scale back on its Kate Moss collections, WWD reports, releasing the last full collection on October 25 and switching to smaller ones afterward.

Sir Philip Green, Topshop's owner, explained, "We've honed it down to a smaller base. She's done brilliantly well, but to produce these collections takes time, real time. We thought it would be better to go forward with something smaller. That's a better way forward."

While Green told WWD there weren't any other factors playing into the decision, the Daily Mail attributes Moss' near-exit to Green's 19-year-old daughter Chloe joining the company, writing, "The teenager is determined to launch her own clothing range and Sir Philip has arranged for her to work at Topshop's headquarters in London's Oxford Street."

According to the Mail, just last year Chloe said, "Hopefully, one day I might design a "Chloe Green at Topshop" range. I've not really thought it through yet. But I don't think it's asking too much."

However, Sir Philip told WWD, "It had nothing to do with Chloe. She's never worked in the company and she's starting work at the business after the holidays."