Kate & Pippa Middleton On 'SNL'... With Makeovers! (VIDEO)

It was ladies' night on "Saturday Night Live" last night, so it was only appropriate that two of our favorite ladies, Kate and Pippa Middleton, made a grand appearance.

"SNL" took their best stabs at the Middleton girls as well as Prince Philip (a.k.a. the Duke of Edinburgh), Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William. And being the amateur royal experts we are, it's our duty to weigh in: how did the royal dopplegangers look?

Our first impressions: we've got to give it to the "SNL" costume department for nailing the queen's pastel skirt suit, curly gray bob and occasional glasses. As for Prince Philip, he usually appears in a navy suit, not beige... but we'll let "SNL" off the hook, considering they got the hair (or lack thereof) spot on.

As for "Prince William and Princess Catherine," let's just say the costume department was very generous. The prince, played by Andy Samberg, got quite the head of hair (although he also had a line about trying on toupees for the BAFTAs) and "Princess Catherine" got a royal boob job (just the thing to "get Willy's juices flowing!").

But Pippa, as always, hit the highest marks. "SNL" practically recreated one of her October outfits, with a cobalt dress and a black blazer, and they kept her hair appropriately straighter and less bouncy than her sister's.

Of course, her bottom could not compare with the queen's... dressed in royal drag, Fred Armisen boasted of his assets: "I call my ass 'the IRA'... when I walk into a pub, people's heads explode!"