Kate Upton Antarctica Shoot Includes An Oreo & A White Bikini, Natch (PHOTOS)

Wearing a bikini when it's 35 below? Damn.

We've seen Kate Upton pose with a popsicle, baby chicks and some rather unsexy headphones. But we've never seen her pose with a giant Oreo man (in fact, we didn't know such a thing existed until today).

But lo and behold, there's Kate clad in a white bikini, shivering in the Antarctica snow and cozying up to an oversized Oreo on legs. TMZ has the exclusive pics of Upton's subzero shoot, which took place during a 10-day cruise from from Argentina to Antarctica with icebergs as the dramatic backdrop. TMZ reports that the photos are bound for the cover of Sports Illustrated, but the giant cookie makes it look like a theatrical Nabisco ad. Maybe this has something to do with Oreo's 100th birthday celebration in Antarctica?

Either way, the photos show Kate doing what she does best: braving the elements to wear the hell out of a too-small bikini with a giant smile on her face. That's why they pay her the big bucks.

Check out a few sneak peek photos below and head to TMZ.com to see the rest. Thoughts on that teeny swimsuit she's got on?


kate upton antarctica

kate upton antarctica

kate upton antarctica

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