Kate Upton Dances The Cat Daddy In A Bikini For Terry Richardson (VIDEO)

In an unsurprising move, a swimsuit model has used her body to grab people's attention.

Kate Upton, whose image graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year, recently checked in with photographer-provocateur Terry Richardson to show off a new dance.

It's called the "Cat Daddy," and Upton does it in a bikini.

The minute-long video, which is (just barely) safe for work, was posted to Richardson's YouTube channel, TerryRichardsonTV, on May 1.

Gawker writes of Richardson: "A patron saint of hipsters, creepy photographer Richardson and his handlebar mustache created the underage retro porn aesthetic."

WATCH: Kate Upton Dances The Cat Daddy For Terry Richardson below: