Kate Upton Prom Video Is The Best Thing Ever: UPDATED (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kate Upton Gets Asked To Prom And It's Pretty Amazing

Every young girl dreams about getting asked out to prom in a romantic yet clever way, right? Does that include Kate Upton?

The blonde bombshell got her very own tailor-made prom invitation, courtesy of high school senior Jake Davidson. The Los Angeles teen uploaded a video requesting that Kate join him for his school's big dance on May 23 and he has some pretty compelling arguments.

"I'm Jewish, 5'9" on a really good day and I can't dance at all," Davidson says while shaving. "You're Christian, 5'10" and that 'Cat Daddy' video should've won an Oscar for Best Short Film. You could say this is destiny."

We're not saying that 99.9 percent of teenage boys wouldn't also love to take Ms. Upton to prom, but Davidson's attempt to jokingly woo the model is particularly endearing. While doing push-ups, he lists their many common interests, like food and Sports Illustrated (she poses in it, he reads it). Sure, it's borderline cringe-worthy, but can you blame the guy for trying?

So, what do you say, Kate? Think you have time between shooting for Vogue and starring in Super Bowl commercials to join Jake for prom? We bet he'll get you the best corsage.


UPDATE: Kate has responded!

See why this guy wants to go to prom with Kate Upton:

Vogue US, June 2013

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