Kate Upton Proves Playing Tennis In Heels And A Bathing Suit Is Totally Possible

"The beginning and end of my tennis career."

Model Kate Upton may have just upped the ante on impractical athletic gear, wearing heels and a bathing suit to play tennis in an Instagram video she posted Tuesday.

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It’s all in good fun for Love Magazine’s annual advent calendar ― and it follows a teeny-tiny fashion trend. Kim Kardashian hit the court last March in heels, and Mariah Carey worked out at the gym in Fenty/Puma stilettos a short time before that.

This could revolutionize sports — or destroy some ankles.

The magazine calls its 2017 advent calendar a “seasonal online celebration of womanhood.”

With a theme of #staystrong, this year’s calendar video emphasizes the power of the models as they jump rope, box, play basketball and do other fitness activities.

“It’s silly and fun, and I love shoots where I don’t have to take myself too seriously,” Upton said.

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