Kate Upton In Space? Rumor Has It Sports Illustrated Is Floating The Model In Zero Gravity

Kate Upton has already posed nearly naked in freezing Antarctica temperatures ("I was losing hearing and eyesight because my body was shutting down," she said afterward), not to mention in pools with popsicles and straddling a unicorn with bunch of farm animals.

So what is this swimsuit model's next frontier? Space. According to Page Six's sources, Upton was "shot in a zero-gravity chamber in a silver swimsuit" for a photo shoot mimicking outer space, to appear in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Sounds absurd? Page Six notes that none other than Jimmy Fallon might have had the idea first, joking to Upton on his show last year that she should do a shoot in space. "Think about this -- there's no gravity..." he giggled.

Plus, Kate got some prep later in the year with a Vanity Fair shoot that saw her lounging on the moon. (It appears there was at least some gravity at work.) If anyone could handle a space-age fashion story with a silver moonsuit of a bikini, it would be Kate. We're just a little concerned how a plastic helmet might muss up her perfect hair.

We'll have to wait until the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits in mid-February to see.

Where hasn't she been?

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