Kate Winslet Saving Things (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Kate Winslet Saving Things

When news broke this week that Kate Winslet saved not only herself and her loved ones, but also billionaire Richard Branson's 90-year-old mother from a fire on his private Caribbean island, we were nothing short of impressed.

We also couldn't help but wonder how badass (and hilarious) Ms. Winslet would look saving even more people, animals and things.

Thanks to a little Photoshop magic, you can see how we imagine the Oscar-winning actress might look if she had the chance to save Baby Jessica, the trapped Chilean miners and more in our slideshow below. Yeah, it's silly, we know, but it's not everyday that Hollywood produces an unlikely hero who's NOT filming a movie. Kudos Kate!

Baby Jessica

Kate Winslet Saving Things (PHOTOS)


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