Katelyn Norman, Tennessee Teen Dying From Cancer, Gets Gorgeous Dream Prom From Community (UPDATED, VIDEO)

Community Gives Dying Teen A Gorgeous Dream Prom

Updated March 29, 2013: Katelyn Norman passed away Friday morning after a two-year battle with bone cancer, according to WBIR.

When doctors told Katelyn Norman that she wasn’t well enough to go to prom, her Tennessee community decided to bring the gala to her.

An aggressive and fatal bone cancer has weakened Katelyn's body, but it hasn’t kept the 14-year-old from fulfilling her bucket list, WATE reported. Going to prom was at the very top of her list, so when her physicians said she was too sick to leave her hospital bed, hundreds of supporters devised a way for her to still celebrate the monumental moment.

“She can either have a pity party, or you’re gonna live life,” Katelyn’s mom told WATE. "[We're] just trying to fulfill what she wants to do. It’s not much, but it’s something to her."

Hospital staff decorated Katelyn’s room and her date showed up with a corsage and sash. Outside her window, hoards of people from Campbell County held a candlelight vigil in her honor.

But the hopeful dreamer still has some more items she'd like to knock off. She still wants the chance to ride a motorcycle, travel to Italy and get a kiss, according to WVLT.

Giving kids who are living with devastating diseases the chance to enjoy simple childhood pleasures has proven, in many instances, to be key in helping them get through treatment.

After Jeff Kahan lost his son to cancer, the grieving father wanted to make sure that other suffering children didn't miss out on the most fun events in life. Last year, he sponsored an all-out prom for the young patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, MyFoxPhilly reported.

"Tonight is the night that no one's sick," Kahan told MyFoxPhilly last May. "They're just kids, and that's what tonight's about, that they can remember that."

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Community Fulfills Dying Teen's Prom Wish

Community Fulfills Dying Teen's Prom Wish

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