Viral Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Recites Her Poem About Being Body-Shamed On 'Good Morning America'

"No word or judgmental stares will make me compromise," said the UCLA athlete, whose floor routine impressed the nation.

Katelyn Ohashi, the UCLA gymnast whose dazzling floor routine went viral this week, just nailed a poetry recital as well.

In a visit to “Good Morning America” on Thursday, Ohashi delivered a poem she wrote about the body-shaming she has endured.

Ohashi, a former U.S. national team member who came back from serious injuries, calls the verse “Self-Hatred Goodbyes.”

I’ve been consumed with the thought that bigger is synonymous to less than,
That only those people with the right, perfect bodies have the right to stand.
But here today, I stand, with the love that penetrates deeper than any wedding band.
Because I am my own size, and no words or judgmental stares will make me compromise.

And for those who have not seen Ohashi’s perfect-10 routine from last weekend at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim, California ― or are dying for an encore ― here it is again:

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