Katharine McPhee 'Embarrassed' By Cheating Photos With Married 'Smash' Director

It's another case of life imitating art as actress Katharine McPhee was caught kissing married "Smash" director Michael Morris, in a scandal that's quite similar to a plotline on their now-canceled show.

McPhee, 29, is also married, but the photos of her making out with Morris aren't likely to do any more damage to her marriage than has already been done, as multiple reports say she's been separated from her husband of five years, Nick Cokas, for the past six months. Still, the actress isn't pleased she was caught kissing a married man.

"She is SO embarrassed she was caught," a source told Us Weekly. "She should have known better!"

The fallout from the photos is much worse for Morris, whose wife of 10 years, Mary McCormack, reportedly kicked him out of the house, and is looking to end their relationship after learning of his infidelity.

And while it seems as though McPhee's own marriage was already over, there's always the worry that a cheating scandal could have a negative impact on her career. Public relations experts seem to disagree on exactly how the photos may change things for the former "American Idol" contestant.

Jamie Krauss, PR director at the Narrative Group, told FOX411 that while the scandal probably won't affect her sales or ability to get roles in the future, her "likability factor will be seriously tarnished."

But with so many A-list celebs at the center of cheating scandals it doesn't always seem like being labeled a cheater is a career killer at all.

“Katharine McPhee having an affair with this director, this sort of thing usually helps someone’s career in this day and age,” Director of Maxim TV Ken Shadford explained to the website. “Just this side of a sex tape, getting in the scandal sheets is sort of the way to go to help your career.”



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