Katharine McPhee Told Paparazzi Which Yacht Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Were Honeymooning On

The "Waitress" star tweeted the honeymooners' location to a “pack of paps stalking” her in Europe.

Katharine McPhee totally threw newlyweds Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner under the bus, tweeting to snooping paparazzi the honeymooning celebrity couple’s whereabouts aboard a yacht.

McPhee ― who is celebrating her own marriage last month to David Foster in Italy ― on Tuesday tweeted a note to the “pack of paps stalking” her “in the middle of the ocean in Europe.”

“Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are just two yachts over. Please focus on what truly matters,” McPhee wrote.

It’s unclear as to why she pointed out what she said was the “Game of Thrones” star and DNCE frontman’s location, but ― you do you, Katharine.

Both McPhee and her new husband have been posting quite a bit on social media about their honeymoon escapades. Jonas and Turner have remained fairly quiet.

Neither Turner nor Jonas has responded publicly to McPhee’s tip to the paps. We can’t imagine they’ll be too happy about the company.

At any rate, congratulations to both the happy couples!

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