Drunk Airline Passenger Drinks Pint Of Whiskey Before Groping Male Flight Attendant

Katherine Goldberg was flying from South Africa to London in August when she drunkenly assaulted a male crew member on the Virgin flight, a Northwest London court alleges.

The prosecutor in the case spells out the charges, the Telegraph reports:

She proceeded to sexually assault one of the crew members by demanding to have sex with him and grabbing his penis and crotch area. She was believed to have drunk at least 50 centiliters of whisky.

50 centiliters is more than 16 ounces, or a full pint of booze. She's been charged with sexual assault as well as being drunk on an aircraft.

While Goldberg's lawyer is working to secure a formal caution to avoid a full prosecution, he also indicated that a guilty plea may be forthcoming.

Whatever the result of the case, it's hardly the first time a drunken passenger has assaulted a flight attendant. On a flight to London, a drunken American spat on a British Airways crew. A London-bound flight was forced to return to Moscow in August after a drunk female passenger started performing an erotic dance. In June, a drunk Jetstar passenger peed in the aisle of a plane. In May, a British Airways passenger groped a female flight attendant while she served him coffee.

Photo: Andres Rueda/Flickr