Katherine Heigl's Difficult Behavior Is 'Not Worth It,' According To Hollywood Insiders

Katherine Heigl Is Difficult And 'Not Worth It'

Katherine Heigl's behavior on set has become notoriously difficult, and a scathing article by Kim Masters for The Hollywood Reporter rounded up a number of industry insiders who are getting fed up with the star once known fondly as Dr. Izzie Stevens.

Heigl's behavior has sparked some sour reactions in the past. Most notably, the actress publicly knocked her two biggest successes, calling "Knocked Up" sexist and announcing she would not seek an Emmy for her role in "Grey's Anatomy," because the writing wasn't up to her standards.

According to Hollywood insiders, the issue extends to her conduct on set. One source from the 2010 film "Life As We Know It" recalled "desperately difficult situations" with the actress, saying, "she can cost you time every single day of shooting ... wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day."

Except it wasn't just Heigl causing problems on set ... her mother was often part of the problem. The "Life As We Know It" source added: "I have never experienced anything like Nancy Heigl. It's about the mouth. 'F--- you. You are a f---ing liar.' … Whatever you'd say, you were an idiot. The call would be, 'This is the worst craft service we've ever had! There's nothing to eat! This is the worst wardrobe!' You knew that every day, you were going to get slammed."

A producer at a major network, who reportedly turned down Heigl for a project, explained Heigl's difficult behavior, simply saying, "She's not worth it."

Heigl's latest films, "The Big Wedding" and "One For The Money," have collectively pulled less than 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and returning to the small screen after her big screen failures is certainly a questionable move. So, has Heigl's career reached its end? As Masters put it, "Hollywood has infinite patience with difficult talents -- until the box office stops booming."

Check out The Hollywood Reporter for the full story.

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