Katherine Heigl Puts A Dignified End To Seth Rogen 'Knocked Up' Feud

"I just wish him so much goodness."
Katherine Heigl attends the CBS 2016 Summer TCA Panel.
Katherine Heigl attends the CBS 2016 Summer TCA Panel.

We’re calling it now. This is the age of the Katherine Heigl renaissance. 

After being unfairly maligned for years regarding comments that her film “Knocked Up” was a little sexist” (it was), Heigl struggled to find the same success in film and television roles long after her big break. 

This week, her alleged “feud” with “Knocked Up” co-star Seth Rogen got a second act when the actor addressed Heigl’s comments in various interviews, explaining that he once thought after reading them, “She must fucking hate me.”

But Heigl finally got her day in court on Wednesday during the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, where she was promoting her new CBS legal drama, “Doubt.”

When asked about Rogen’s remarks, Heigl dispelled any rumors that there was still bad blood between the former co-stars, and said that she only wished Rogen well. 

“I think that he’s handled that so beautifully and I just feel nothing but love and respect,” she told reporters, according to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s so long ago at this point, I just wish him so much goodness and I felt that from him too.” 

Heigl, who got her start in Hollywood in her early teens, also credits the benefits of time and wisdom for teaching her some important lessons about the entertainment industry. 

Reflecting on the piece of advice that has stuck with her throughout her decades-long career, she said, “Probably not to take myself too seriously, and that’s I think an age thing. You kind of get there with age.”

“Your 20s are all so narcissistic in that way that you think that everyone is judging you and everyone’s thinking about all the things you do wrong,” she continued. “I think you get to an age where you’re like, ‘I don’t care. I’ll be fine as long as my family loves me.’”

“Doubt,” which will debut midseason on CBS, sounds like the ideal project for the actress at this stage of her career. After her political thriller “State of Affairs” failed to nab a second season at NBC, Heigl will again be part of an ensemble drama much like her days on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I think I’m really just trying to stay focused on how much fun it’s been,” she said of her experience on CBS. “I’m really excited for people to see this, and I think people are really going to love this.”



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