Katherine Heigl Zebra Print Dress Is A Bit Wild For Our Taste (PHOTOS, POLL)

Animal print has become the new neutral, worn by otherwise unadventurous dressers on tops, bottoms and even shoes. Sometimes a dose of spots works (see: Sienna Miller) and sometimes it fails miserably (see: this catastrophe).

At a Berlin photocall for "One For The Money," Katherine Heigl eschewed the more common leopard print in favor of zebra, bolding sporting the black and white stripes stretched sideways across her one-strap dress.

Horizontal stripes alone are a fashion risk, but luckily Heigl has the body for it. As for the wild print, however, we're not the biggest fans. Despite the smart pairing of a nude shoe with the busy top, we have a hard time respecting zebra as a sophisticated, red carpet-ready print, plus the harsh black and white washes Heigl's ivory complexion out.

But we've always been biased towards leopard and tiger anyway. Do you think zebra stripes belong on the red carpet?