'Grey's Anatomy' Is Bringing Back Katherine Heigl's Character 'In Spirit'

All your faves are returning for the 300th episode ... sort of.
Pick me, choose me, cast me. 
Pick me, choose me, cast me. 

Some familiar faces will be checking back in to “Grey’s Anatomy” when the series celebrates its 300th episode on Thursday. 

The long-running medical drama is set to bring back ghosts of seasons past for the milestone installment, titled “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” which centers around a roller coaster accident. (Honestly, we hope they don’t mean actual ghosts because we all know how that ended up last time.)

While actors Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh and T.R. Knight ― the original core cast members who’ve previously exited the series ― won’t return, patients bearing strong resemblances to their characters will be featured in the nostalgia-filled episode.

“Episode 300 is going down kind of like memory lane,” actor James Pickens Jr. told E! News. “We’ll see some actors who come into the hospital after a horrific accident who remind us of Izzie and George and Cristina Yang.”

“They found three remarkable actors ... When I came and I saw them, I said, ‘Wow,’ because they were such integral parts of the success of the show and such amazing talents in their own rights, so we miss them very much,” he continued. “So it will be nice for the audience to say, ‘Oh wow, there they are.’”

Actress Sarah Drew added to Entertainment Weekly, “That causes the original group to really remember those people well and want to fight for these ones to live.”

And then there were ....
And then there were ....

Heigl famously left “Grey’s Anatomy” in Season 6 amid speculation that she clashed with series creator Shonda Rhimes. The rumored feud stemmed from the actress’ controversial decision to remove her name from Emmy consideration in 2008 because she felt the material didn’t “warrant a nomination.”

Knight exited the season prior to Heigl with his character perishing after a bus accident, while Oh lasted the longest of the three, saying goodbye to the show after Season 10. 

Rhimes has left the door open for Oh’s return, but shut down any chance of Heigl returning to the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, even though the actress has expressed a desire to revisit the character. 

“I’m done with that story. I’ve turned that idea over in my mind a thousand times and thought about how it would go,” Rhimes said of Heigl’s possible return back in 2015. “And I don’t think so.”

 Watch a promo for the 300th episode below. 



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