Katherine Webb-McCarron Says 'Players Should Have Their Privacy' After NFL On-Air Nude Incident

"I would rather my husband's ass/penis not be all over TV. Would you like to be filmed while naked?"

On Sunday, the NFL Network inadvertently filmed certain Cincinnati Bengals players while they were naked and changing in their locker room.

The post game segment -- which was supposed to focus on Adam Jones and the Bengals win over the Buffalo Bills -- quickly went viral, with many expressing their disgust at the roughly 45 seconds of player nudity.  

Model Katherine Webb-McCarron, former Miss Alabama and wife of Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron, took to Twitter to voice her opinion. 

The naked interview gaffe was allowed to happen because of the NFL locker room policy, which allows media into locker rooms 10 minutes after games. 

Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who was filmed changing during the segment, expressed his anger at the invasion of privacy, saying the policy is outdated. 

"Being a guy that has been a player rep and a guy that’s always been against this policy, it’s a great example of why the open [locker] room policy is old and needs to change," said Whitworth in an interview with reporters on Monday.

"You can’t judge us off who we will and won’t accept into our locker room and then say all these things we have to do, but then also put us in a situation where every single day I have to change clothes and be naked or not in front of media. It’s just not right." 

Alex Riethmiller, NFL Network vice president of communications, told Bengals media "it was a regrettable mistake by our production team" and apologized to all involved. 

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