Katherine Webb To Appear In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama USA and girlfriend of Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron, will be appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue this year.

"Every single model wants to be in Sports Illustrated, and I feel extremely blessed to have that opportunity," Webb said in an interview with SI Friday. The 2013 swimsuit issue is on sale the week of Feb. 11.

Webb skyrocketed to fame after cameras honed in on her as she sat with McCarron's mother at the BCS Championship Game Jan 7. Sportscaster Brent Musbuger took notice on-air, and Webb's Twitter devotees took off, soon topping more than 200,000.

While her instant fame created a few awkward moments, Webb told Sports Illustrated that she was "completely dumbfounded" when she got the call to appear in the famous swimsuit issue. She aslo indicated that she wouldn't let her sudden fame compromise her image.

"I'm from Alabama and I have morals and I have class. That's my personality. A lot of people have said I'm the anti-Kim Kardashian and I'm all right with that," Webb told SI. "I want girls to be able to look up to me and to say, 'I want to be just like her one day.'"

Webb has appeared in swimwear before in competition, but chances are that a spot among the modeling stars in the swimsuit issue will only increase her fast-growing profile.

AJ, you'd best get used to a few more Twitter exchanges about your relationship .



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