Kathie Lee Gifford Eats Dog Food On 'Today' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kathie Lee Eats Dog Food

It's not every day that you see high-profile morning show hosts eat dog food on air. But Kathie Lee Gifford crossed that frontier on Friday's "Today" show.

To be fair to her, the dog food in question had been advertised as edible for humans. But Kathie Lee was the only person in the entire studio willing to try the food.

Hoda Kotb, quite reasonably, refused, saying, "I don't eat dog food." The show's crew wouldn't touch it either. So Kathie Lee bravely popped a forkful into her mouth and washed the food down with red wine.

Her verdict? "Not bad." That quickly changed, though, to "now it's bad."

Kathie Lee said she would take the food home and feed it to her dogs.

"If they don't like it, I'm going to be sick," she said.


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