Kathy Bates in "Disjointed" will not Disappoint

Netflix bingers and midnight tokers can sit back and smoke up with the new Netflix original series “Disjointed”. This new stoner comedy starts actress and screen goddess Kathy Bates, who plays Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, proud cannabis lover and owner of a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary.

In an interview this month with Entertainment Weekly, Bates said her new show was “like no other sitcom you’ve ever seen” and refers to her character as “an inveterate hippie”.

“She’s worked tirelessly to legalize pot because she believes so fervently in its ability to heal people,” Bates said. “That‘s Ruth at her core.”

Ruth is an old hippie, representing peace, love and weed. However Ruth’s free loving activism creates conflict with her the business minded son, Travis (Aaron Moten), who is determined to take his mother’s business to the next level.

Created and produced by Chuck Lorre, “Disjointed” is unapologetically stoned, taking a distinct and hilarious look into the growing cannabis industry. Every episode to fun and unique. Every character has story to tell. The grow master, Pete (Dougie Baldwin), grew up in commune and talks to his plants. The “token Asian”, Jenny (Elizabeth Ho), struggles to tell her traditional Asian parents about her unconventional job. The child of the the meth region, Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer), begins a romance with the boss’s son, Travis. The dispensary security guard, Carter (Tone Bell), is an Iraq vet with PTSD and creates surprising but timely plot on PTSD and medical marijuana.

"Disjointed" brings the style of a traditional multi-camera comedy with a live studio audience. It has the feeling of an old fashioned variety show also incorporating skits between the show as pot-themed commercial spoofs. This show creatively uses different and interactive formats, having characters doing their own Youtube shows and other types of media that really draws the audience in.

“Disjointed” is everything the modern stoner could want in a show. With trippy visuals, a variety of great characters, and solid pot comedy, “Disjointed” will not disappoint.

"Disjointed" premieres Aug. 25 on Netflix.

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