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Kathy Griffin Praises Gay Fans: 'We Found Each Other Organically'

The incomparable Kathy Griffin spoke at length about her relationship with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community during her appearance on HuffPost Live earlier this week.

"As a woman and a feminist, I very much admire the way the LGBT community sticks together," the 53-year-old actress and comedian said. "In experience, this is a smart group of people that knows how to be a real community and get things done."

Griffin also described her relationship with gay fans as a "chicken-and-egg" situation that dated back to her early days in stand-up comedy.

"We found each other organically," she recalled. "I started doing the gay clubs and getting a better response [to my act]. I find that gay audiences are more raucous, somewhat political and knowledgable."

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